SUBCLASS ACARI (Mites & Ticks)

Class Arachnida-Mesostigmata-Urodinychidae-Fuscuropoda near marginata (E)


Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Arizona
Coordinates: 31.335484, -110.937959
Elevation: 3,932 ft
January 21, 2024
Size: 0.8 mm
Well over a hundred mites were attached to a male Euborellia annulipes that was found on a compost bin containing kitchen waste and leaf litter
Mite samples (56 individuals) were sent to Dr. Hans Klompen for slide mounting and expert ID
Determined by Dr. Hans Klompen who said: “Checked the few slides I made of the earwig uropodids. They are Fuscuropoda near marginata (C.L.Koch 1839) (Urodinychidae).”

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