Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

Since 1968 the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) has made available free Nutrition Education to El Paso County families with children and youth of limited income.  The program holds classes in schools, clinics, and a variety of community centers for groups of adults/parents responsible for children.  Classes are also extended to youth in schools, targeting 3rd and 4th grade, as well as in a variety of community sites.

Youth food prep

Seven staff members, under the supervision of an Extension Agent, teach classes with the cooperation of a number of community partners, including all the Independent School Districts (ISD) in the County.  Free educational materials are provided to participants at each of 8 sessions for adults and 6 sessions for youth.   All adult sessions include a recipe demonstration.  A schedule of the upcoming classes follows.


A tradition for Extension, Volunteer Recognition is very important to EFNEP.  Annually the program honors all of its volunteers with a Holiday Open House held the first Wednesday of December at the EFNEP offices.   The event is funded by a Silent Auction held the same day.



Inez Marquez Burcham

Extension Agent-ENP
5100 El Paso Drive
El Paso,TX 79905
Ph: (915) 772-0475
Fx: (915) 771-6502
Email: i-burcham@tamu.edu

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