Hemiptera-Auchenorrhyncha-Cercopidae-Aeneolamia albofasciata-Froghoppers MALE (D)

Aeneolamia albofasciata

Canoa Ranch Rest Area (Southbound), on Hwy. 19
Santa Cruz County, Arizona
August 19, 2017
Size: 9.5 mm
Found near outdoor lights at the rest area
Coordinates: 31.770715, -111.034555
This is the first time that this genus, or species, is reported in the USA. On August 17, 2018, this species was found at the same location. These finds do not prove that the species is established in the country. Possible explanations for these finds include:
1. The species might be expanding its geographical range
2. Some individuals venture far north of their known distribution without becoming established
3. The species occurs in this region at low population levels
Collected and determined by Salvador Vitanza
Confirmed by Jason T. Botz

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