Diptera-Syrphidae-Eristalis tenax-Drone Fly FEMALE (G)

Eristalis tenax

Nogales , Santa Cruz County, Arizona
Coordinates: 31.335309, -110.937721
Elevation: 3,932 ft
June 6, 2019
Size: 15.5 mm to tip of abdomen
Captured on Lantana flowers
Determined by Bill Dean who said: “R4+5 strongly looped and combined with the R1 and R2+3 veins meeting before wing margin to form a stalk = Eristalis. Facial stripe broad; eyes with two stripes of darker hairs; thorax somewhat pollinose; hind leg with ventral surface of femur and dorsal and ventral surface of tibia with long matted dark hairs; posterior margins of tergites 2 and 3 orange = tenax.”

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