Diptera-Ephydridae-Limnellia-Shore Flies (A)


Green Valley, Pima County, Arizona
Coordinates: 31.855920, -110.986266
Elevation: 2,848 ft
February 28, 2020
Size: 2.6 mm
Attracted to mercury vapor and ultraviolet lights
Determined by Dr. Norm Woodley who said: “Your fly is in the genus Limnellia. I looked at the revision by my colleague Wayne Mathis, and there are two species in SE Arizona that he described, L. lactea and L. huachuca. Apparently, they are quite similar and can most reliably be identified by the male genitalia. Based on the wing photos in the paper, I think your fly is closest to L. huachuca. I would call it Limnellia sp. near huachuca Mathis.”

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