FAMILY CONOPIDAE (Thick-headed Flies)

Diptera-Conopidae-Physoconops gracilis-Thick headed Flies MALE (D)

Physoconops gracilis

S Blue Sky Rd.
Cochise County, Arizona
Coordinates: 32.232622, -109.777936
Elevation: 4,185 ft
August 21, 2021
Size: 10 mm
Found by the side of the road after a rain shower
Determined by Salvador Vitanza
Confirmed by Aaron Schusteff, who said: “The fairly long 3rd antennal segment (i.e roughly equal to 2nd antennal segment) places this in subgenus Pachyconops. And the overall reddish color, western U.S. location, and lack of a whitish pollinose post-vertical (= along upper-hind edge of head) stripe, indicate P. gracilis (and eliminate other members of subgenus Pachyconops).”

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