Hemiptera-Heteroptera-Reduviidae-Triatoma rubida-Bloodsucking Conenoses-NYMPH (A)

Triatoma rubida

Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Arizona
March 11, 2018
Size: 19 mm
A neighbor gave me 11 of these Triatoma sp. nymphs in a jar. They range in size from 6 mm to 19 mm. She obtained the specimens from a couple who recently bought a house with an abandoned shed that has hundreds of these bugs. The shed is used by feral cats and probably other wildlife. This shed has received insecticide applications and the bugs brought to me were either dead or dying. Hopefully, I will obtain at least an adult from that location for species determination.
Determined by Salvador Vitanza
Confirmed by Margarethe Brummermann

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