Collembola-Symphypleona-Katiannidae-Sminthurinus atrapallidus-Globular Springtails (A)

Sminthurinus atrapallidus

Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
Coordinates: 33.413020, -112.009297
January 25, 2017
Size: 0.9 mm
Collected by sweeping lawn
Determined by Frans Janssens who said: Note antenomere 4 longer than antenomere 3. In Dicyrtomidae antenomere 4 is shorter than antenomere 3. ‘atra’ means dark or black and refers to the dark body. ‘pallida’ means pale or white and refers to the pale legs and antennae. Note also the short white ‘eyebrow’.

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