This is by no means a comprehensive list of arthropod species in the American Southwest. It is simply a gallery of some of the insects and related invertebrate organisms in this beautiful region. Southwest Bugs showcases images of taxa found in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Our intention is to document the presence of arthropods in this region and give the general public an increased awareness or appreciation of some of the fascinating invertebrates with which we share this land. Enjoy!

Note: We have made every effort to provide accurate identifications and have received help from many entomologists curating this image collection. However, we do not discard the possibility of misidentifications. Special gratitude to the Editors and volunteers of for their kind assistance. Most final determinations were made via images and only occasionally using the physical specimens. No additional information on biology, economic importance, and management is provided because the organism name will allow the reader to access vast amount of data readily available online and from other reference material. We accept contributions of high-quality Southwest insect photos. Of course, proper credit will be given. Email:

License terms for content submitted by any image contributor to “Southwest Bugs”: All rights reserved. Unless otherwise noted, you must contact and request a license from contributors for any use.

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