SUBCLASS ACARI (Mites & Ticks)

Class Arachnida-Trombidiformes-Cheyletidae-Microcheyla-Prostigs (B)


Madera Canyon, Santa Cruz County, Arizona
May 25, 2018
Phoretic mites
These mites were found on the flat bug Aradus sp. (Aradidae)
Coordinates: 31.712894, -110.875016)
Attracted to mercury vapor and ultraviolet lights
Eric McDonald, National Acarologist for APHIS-PPQ, said: “I think you have a Cheyletidae mite (predator) hitching a ride to its next meal stop.” After mounting the mites, Eric McDonald said: “Very cool Cheyletidae mite genus Microcheyla sp. possible undescribed species. Only four species described; all from Europe and Eurasia.”

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