Coleoptera-Lampyridae-Bicellonycha wickershamorum wickershamorum-Southwest Spring Firefly MALE (D)

Bicellonycha wickershamorum wickershamorum

Blue Heaven Road
Patagonia, Santa Cruz County, Arizona
Coordinates: 31.535612, -110.764351
Elevation: 1,225 m
July 3, 2024
Size: 10 mm
Several individuals were attracted to ultraviolet lights
Determined by Joe Cicero who said: “It’s the only known member of its neotropical genus of about 65 that made it into the US, and it looks like it used the Huachucas as its doorway, then dispersed to the west and north. On dispersing to the north it subspecified to the all black winged B.w. piceum, and now occurs in the Verde Valley, in the Morenci area, and even in New Mexico.”

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