BLATTODEA (Termites & Cockroaches)

Blattodea-Blattidae-Shelfordella lateralis-Turkestan cockroach OOTHECA (B)

Shelfordella lateralis

Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Arizona
Coordinates: 31.335425, -110.937873
Elevation: 3,932 ft
June 8, 2018
Size: 9.5 mm
I was hoping to shoot the female Turkestan cockroach with the eggcase still attached to her body, but they became separated immediately after capture and before I could grab my camera.
Found outdoors. These cockroaches are extremely abundant in water valve boxes, outdoors, and outside the house. Very few dare or are able to come inside the house.
Determined by Salvador Vitanza
Confirmed by Tristan Shanahan

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