Better Living for Texans

Better Living for Texans


The Better Living for Texans program is to provide educational programs that increase, within a limited budget, the likelihood of food stamp recipients making healthy food choices consistent with the most recent dietary advice as reflected in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. There are two different series that participants can attend. They include:

Eat Better to Live Better Lesson Series

  • Better Health with Better Choices
  • Shopping Strategies to Stretch Food Dollars
  • Food Safety and You

Reading Food Labels Lesson Series

  • Get the Facts on Serving Sizes
  • Get the Facts on Fats
  • Get the Facts on Sodium

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Better Living for Texans is a program for adults and kids who want to learn how to eat well and save money. You can make friends and have fun while you learn about eating healthy foods and saving money! Lessons can be held in locations of your convenience. Participants attending all sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion which is accepted by the Texas Department of Human Services towards training requirements for Parenting Classes. To be a part of the Better Living for Texans program, email, call or drop by your local county Extension Office.

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Lorena Iverson, B.S.

Extension Assistant-Better Living for Texans
Ascarate Annex
301 Manny Martinez
2nd Floor
El Paso, TX 79905
Ph: (915) 771-2354
Fx: (915) 771-2356


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